Welcome to the home of the new Museum Revolution.

Big changes are coming to the museum world. Some of them are practically upon us. We are here to help everyone ride this wave of change, together.

Who are we? We are a collection of creative folks, working together, using our broad experiences in many different industries to help instigate robust discussions around what is coming and how to best harness the “new” in the museum world.

Why? Museum audiences, on average, aren’t growing with the population. Museum attendees aren’t mirroring our demographics. But the mission of museums is more important than ever. The ability to help make sense of the world — through our history, our art, our sciences, our recreation, our cultures — are the bridge to our future. Whether a small storefront, museum or the Hermitage, with a collection so vast it cannot be seen in a year of daily visits, these institutions help us understand our collective experience and our human journey.

Today, there are opportunities to harness the benefits of the digital age, to take this vast, incredible store of knowledge and materials and get it into the world, into the hands and minds of the many.

Our goal with this site is to host an active conversation about how to do that.

This can mean evaluating new digital displays, defining best practices in social media, identifying ways to customize the narratives for audience types, targeting new groups and, our personal favorite, breaking down figurative walls so museums can move beyond their brick-and-mortar boundaries.

But our goal is to have this be a dialogue, not a monologue.

If you have stories you would like to tell, let us know. If you have something that works, let us know. When you see something that inspires you, changes the way you want to do things or helps you make sense of a new tool, we want to know about it.

We hope you find value in our weekly posts. We are glad you found us. We want to hear from you. (And you can contact us here or via our Twitter handle, @MuseumRev.)

Welcome to the revolution!