On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall came down after dividing Germany – both physically and ideologically – for 28 years. In 1993, the Newseum acquired eight segments of the monstrous wall and a three-story East German guard tower, which are currently displayed in Newseum’s Berlin Wall Gallery. Standing in front of these important symbols of oppression and history is incredibly impactful, but the Newseum has plans to make the experience even more powerful. Using virtual and augmented reality, Newseum will transport you to the streets of East Berlin during the Cold War, allowing you to experience the divided city from the perspectives of suppressed Germans and the East German and Soviet guards.

Newseum’s mission is to help people understand the power and the importance of freedom of expression and, as Chief Technology Officer Mitch Gelman adds, they want to use “every technology available to make this possible.” Museum Revolution was lucky enough to capture how Newseum is living out that mission in the video below.

Video by TeamWorks Media